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Overnight Oats

Have you tried our Overnight Oats yet? Made by swopping hot water with fruit juice or coconut water, mix together with our dry porridge mix and leave to thicken overnight in the fridge. They are just delicious, a pot full of thick, creamy, sweet overnight oats. Still full of all the wonderful health benefits and packed with nutrition our Overnight Oats are a winner. They are a great meal to take to work, use an old jam jar, pop the lid on and you'e got a perfectly balanced healthy meal for whenever you need it. Don't just save our oats for breakfast, they are perfect for anytime of the day. Especially great for pre or post gym workouts. They really show plant based food at its best. More and more people are adopting plant based diets. Being a vegan now is so popular with experts admitting eating more plants really is good for our health. Packed with protein our porridge and oats really do keep your energy levels up. There's no added sugar, just naturally occurring sugars from the fruit, no addictive refined sugars. Also high in fibre too which is very important to keep our digestive system working well. So whether its porridge or overnight oats, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner The Great British Porridge Co has really got you covered.

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