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3 Summertime Smoothie Bowls

3 Summertime Smoothie Bowls

Who’s feeling the heat this summer? We sure are.

Cool off with these refreshing smoothie bowl recipes. Full of fruity flavours, healthy ingredients, and delicious toppings, you can’t go wrong with these nutritious bowls.

Thick, creamy, cold, and delicious, these are just what we need in summer!

Mango Delight Smoothie Bowl
Mango Smoothie Bowl Recipe


This thick smoothie recipe is made with just 3 ingredients; our Red Berry & Pumpkin Porridge, frozen mango, and Greek yogurt. Mango is a powerful antioxidant, great for fighting illness. They’re also surprisingly high in fibre; so when combined with our oats, you’ve got a high fibre, no nasties smoothie bowl.

What you’ll need:
30g The Great British Porridge Co Red Berry & Pumpkin Porridge
40g Frozen Mango
Greek Yogurt

Frozen Mango
Red Berries
Chia Seeds
Coconut Flakes

Berry and Banana Smoothie Bowl

Berry & Banana Smoothie Bowl

As the weather heats up, it’s only natural that we start craving refreshing, cool foods throughout the day. Summer berries make for the perfect smoothie bowl base, blending together to create a nutritious, flavourful bowl. We’ve made this one using our Blueberry & Banana oats making it a great breakfast, afternoon snack or post-workout meal.

What you’ll need:
30g The Great British Porridge Co Blueberry & Banana Porridge
1 Frozen Banana
100g Frozen Mixed Berries
50g Fat-Free Yogurt

Fresh Fruit
Nuts & Seeds

Salted Caramel Latte Smoothie Bowl

Salted Caramel Smoothie Bowl

Salted caramel smoothie with all-natural, plant-based ingredients? Don’t mind if we do! Why not use our Caffe Latte oats to create a sweet and creamy afternoon pick me up. Spoons at the ready…

What you'll need:
30g The Great British Porridge Co Caffe Latte Oats
20ml Plant-based milk
30g Greek yogurt
1 Frozen banana
1tsp Vanilla essence
1/2tsp Ground cinnamon
A pinch of salt

Fresh fruit
Cacao nibs

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