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General Questions

How do I prepare your porridge?

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Simply add enough hot water to just cover the oats (or your choice of milk), then stir for 30 seconds. Dress with your toppings of choice and enjoy!

What makes your instant porridge stand oat from the crowd?    

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We are proud to use only 100% natural ingredients. Every spoonful is nutritious with no added nasties.

All of our mixes are also plant-based, with no added sugar or artificial flavourings and sweeteners. We do all of this stuff and still manage to keep the amazing creamy texture and flavour we're known for!

Our ingredients are ethically sourced to ensure your breakfast really is oat of this world.

How does your porridge taste so good?

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We've got our high-quality ingredients to thank for our great taste.

The luscious coconut milk makes our mixes deliciously creamy and the juicy dates make out mixtures subtly sweet.

Each porridge pouch and pot is hand mixed, prepped, packed, and checked, so you know that extra love has gone into every spoonful.

How long does it take for you porridge to be ready?

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Our porridge mixes are ready in just 60 seconds! Yes, you did read that right.

We grind our oats in-house, meaning that each spoonful has three different textures, so as soon as the hot water is added, they begin to 'cook'. This means no standing around waiting for breakfast - you'll have a delicious dish quicker than you can say 'I love porridge'.

How many servings per 385g bag?

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There are 8 servings per bag, working out at around 50g per serving.

Both pots and sachets are single serve portions.

Is your porridge microwaveable?

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The beauty of our porridge is that there's no need for a microwave!

Simply add hot water (or your choice of milk), give it a good stir and you're good to go.

Are your products resealable?

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Our recyclable 385g porridge pouches are resealable.

Both pots and sachets are single-serve, so there's no need to reseal those!

Can I make overnight oats with your porridge?

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Yes, you can!

There's nothing better than waking up knowing you have breakfast ready and waiting for you in the fridge. Simply add cold milk to your oats, leave to soak in the fridge overnight, then grab and go the following morning.

Can discount codes be combined?

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Our discount codes cannot be combined in conjunction with other offers and promotions.

Discount codes are limited to one use per customer and cannot be redeemed on custom bundles or subscriptions.

Why can't I use my discount code on bundles?

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Each of our bundles has been designed to offer the best saving on our products; therefore, for this reason, discounts cannot be used on custom bundles.

Nutrition and Ingredients

Where can I find the full nutritional information?

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All nutritional information can be found in our online shop and on the back of all our packaging.

Aren’t all oats gluten free?

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Unfortunately, not all oats are gluten-free. Although all oats are naturally grown gluten-free, they often get contaminated by other crops growing alongside them.

Is your porridge suitable for vegans & vegetarians? 

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Yes - all our flavours are 100% plant-based!    

How many calories per serving?

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The exact calories are flavour dependent. However, there are roughly 220 calories per suggested serving.

Full nutritional information can be found in our online shop or on the back of each pack.

Delivery and Contact

How long will delivery take?

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We aim to deliver all UK orders within 4 working days.
If you are concerned about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I get in touch?

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If you have any feedback or queries, please email us at

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