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From Grain To Bag - How We Make Our Porridge

From Grain To Bag - How We Make Our Porridge

Ever wondered how your porridge goes from grain to shelf? Keep reading!

Last week our marketing team forgot about porridge puns for the day and instead took a trip around the factory to see how your porridge goes from grain to shelf.

All of our delicious porridge mixes are handcrafted by our grain surgeons in our commercial kitchen down on the sunny Sussex coast.

Handmade Porridge

Step One

First, we start by weighing out all of our ingredients.

We’re proud to use only 100% natural ingredients - meaning every spoonful is nutritious with no added nasties. Our mixes are plant-based, with no added sugar or artificial flavorings and sweeteners. We do all of this stuff and still manage to keep the amazing creamy texture and flavour we’re known for!

Our ingredients are all ethically sourced to ensure your breakfast really is oat of this world.
Step Two

Then it’s over to the mixer!

Once the ingredients have been accurately weighted, we then take it over to our commercial mixers to combine all our ingredients together.

Step Three

The mixture is then added to our weighing-up machine to be weighed and portioned up.

Our porridge pouches are 385g, and contain 8 servings; that works out at just 50p per serving!

Step Four

Once weighed up, the portions are then added to our recyclable porridge pouches.

We’ve made it our mission to make as many small changes as we can, that make the world of difference to our planet. Our recyclable packaging has been 2 years in the making and required countless material attempts - but we’re delighted our porridge pouches are now 100% recyclable!

They can now be disposed of in the same way as your plastic bags; at the front of supermarket stores.

Step Five

Our grain surgeons then hand weigh every bag to ensure there’s exactly 385g in each porridge pouch; we believe it’s these little details that make our porridges extra lovely! Once each bag is at the correct weight, onto the conveyer belt they go ready to be sealed!

Step Six
Each bag is then individually quality checked, packed up, and delivered straight to your door.

All YOU have to do is add water!
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