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Is Porridge Vegan?

Is Porridge Vegan?

From instant flavour mixes to rolled and steel-cut oats, read more on which porridge mixes are vegan and which you should be a little warier of… 

Is Porridge Vegan?

Is porridge vegan? 

Oats are a cereal grain derived from a plant, meaning anyone who follows a vegan diet should be safe to eat them as in their natural form as they’re plant-based. However, when it comes to getting creative with the flavours, you’ll need to start keeping an eye out for the added ingredients that might trip you up!

Back in 2017 when The Great British Porridge Co was nothing but a grain, the options were limited when it came to great tasting, plant-based friendly breakfasts, that weren’t full of added sweeteners and preservatives. From this realisation, The Great British Porridge Co was born, and great breakfasts were being served up to the nation! 

All 8 of our delicious naturally flavoured mixes are plant-based and being made with 100% natural ingredients, you can spoon away safe in the knowledge that you’re only putting goodness into your bodies. 

What about your classic chocolate porridge? 

Yep, even our best-selling Classic Chocolate porridge mix is vegan! In order to create a luxurious chocolate porridge, we took luscious cacao butter and cacao powder, which mingle together forming rich, plant-based chocolate pieces that melt and swirl into the oaty greatness - meaning that even vegans can get their early morning chocolate fix!

How is it still creamy without milk?

We’re not ones to keep secrets around here! There's no complicated ingredients or processes that our mixes go through to make them creamy, instead we just use coconut cream! Known for it's smooth texture, the coconut cream acts as a thickener, creating a smooth, creamy porridge without the addition of any dairy products, such as milk.

The best plant milk for our porridge…

Although the best bit about our porridge is that it can be whipped up in just 60 seconds if you have a little extra time on your hands and want to make it that little bit extra creamy, adding a plant-based milk alternative is the way to go. 

Mighty Protein Oat Milk 

The Mighty Protein Oat milk is an excellent way of upping your protein intake in your bowls. We’re big fans of adding it to our classic chocolate mix - making it extra thick and creamy. 

Oat Milk 

Oat milk is incredibly versatile, meaning it tastes excellent when paired with pretty much any of our porridge mixes! If you’re someone who loves to keep things simple at breakfast time, try adding a dash of oat milk to our High Protein Low Sugar mix and topping it with a handful of fresh seasonal fruits - the perfect creamy, yet fresh breakfast choice to start the day with. 

Almond Milk 

Another particularly versatile milk - try pairing almond milk with our Red Berry and Pumpkin Seed porridge to add a subtle nutty finish to each spoonful. 

Coconut Milk 

Just in case the coconut cream in the mixes wasn’t enough, coconut milk is particularly well known for the creaminess it adds to almost anything, but particularly porridge. The subtle nutty taste is just enough to complement all our naturally flavoured mixes!

With a whole range of different milk alternatives now available, experiment with a few and discover what it is that floats your oats! 

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