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Porridge All Year Round

Porridge All Year Round

Thought porridge was just for winter then think again! Here at The Great British Porridge Co we are so happy to have created a porridge thats perfect all year round. Ours is so light and fruity its wonderful whatever the weather and a bowlful of it leaves you feeling energised ready for your day ahead. Pile it high with lots of your favourite fruits and its OATRAGEOUSLY delicious. Packed full of British grown gluten free oats, our porridge is dairy free vegan and has no added sugar yet we have still managed to make it deliciously sweet and creamy tasting. Our porridge is so good.....don't save it just for your breakfast bowl, its wonderful for lunch and supper too. High in fibre and with over 10% plant protein we know you'll love it. Plus you just add hot water, stir it in then by the time you've sat down its ready to eat yum :)

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