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Virtual Valentine's Date Ideas

Virtual Valentine's Date Ideas

It’s been a particularly difficult 11 months, and although there’s hope in sight, Valentine’s will be one of the occasions that isn’t quite so normal this year. We want to keep Valentine’s Day as special as we can and so we’ve put together some of our ideas to help those of your having virtual Valentine’s Day dates this year!

Have you got any other ideas? Let us know! 

Express your emotions Love Actually-style 

We all know that effort goes a long way. Why not create some lovely message, clues or letter for your partner. If you live too far from them to take them signs in person, send them a hand-written letter, or give them virtual clues over text as to where to find something you might have hidden.


Have a virtual baking session (or Bake-off if you’re that competitive)

You know your partner best so why not take it to the kitchen. Choose a recipe you know your other half will love and order the ingredients along with the recipe to their house and vice versa. Have fun baking over video chat and see who can nail it!


Kick-off Valentines with a virtual Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love a lazy breakfast in bed, hey?! Now although you won’t be there to make them breakfast in person, make sure they have something quick and easy to whip up. Our porridge only takes 60 seconds….combine that with some drizzled chocolate and strawberries on top and BOOOM! Breakfast is served.

Want to keep with the red colour scheme? Our Strawberry & Peanut Butter porridge goes down a TREAT.


Time for a take-out?

Everyone loves a good ol’ take out – so what better to do than order each other their favourite take away straight to their door? Make a bit of effort and dress up and whip out the video call. Style, substance and….(smiles?)!


How about some virtual wine tasting to go with the take-out?

Wine tasting is often a big go-to when it comes to Valentine’s dates. Bolney Wines have set up virtual wine tasting to combat this. There’s nothing better than getting a little tipsy with the one you love.


If none of the other suggestions take your fancy…the easiest option is to order some flowers!!

Bloom & Wild is just one of the favourites, but you could go off-piste and order some lovely desk plants from The Little Botanical, too!


Don't forget to tag us in your posts, we love seeing your porridge! 

Team Porridge x

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