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Dreamy Peanut Porridge

Dreamy Peanut Porridge

Peanut Porridge

We love the fact that our porridge tastes so decadent and luxurious yet is still super healthy and full of nutritious goodness. This peanut butter porridge recipe from @voodievie looks and tastes like a pudding but can be enjoyed for breakfast – yes dreams really do come true!

Check out the recipe below, it’s a winner!


5 tbsp of the classic chocolate porridge

100ml of hot oat milk 

1 tbsp of smooth peanut butter

2 tbsp of puffed quinoa

2 tsp of vegan chocolate sauce

Handful of peanuts 

Tsp of cocoa nibs



Make the porridge as per instructions on the packet and set to one side.

Place the puffed quinoa at the bottom of your pot. Return to the porridge stirring to ensure all combined. Spoon on top of the quinoa. Then squeeze the chocolate sauce and spoon the peanut butter on top. 

Place the peanuts into a dry frying pan and on a low heat gently warm them up until golden. Place on top of the peanut butter along with a sprinkling of cocoa nibs and a few puffed quinoa pieces. Either eat now or place in the fridge overnight. 

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