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High Protein Healthy Granola Recipe

High Protein Homemade Porridge Granola

It’s time to add some crunch to breakfast time with this subtly sweet, yet ever-so-refreshing breakfast.

We’ve used our High Protein Low Sugar Porridge to batch cook these crunchy oat clusters, naturally sweetened with fruit syrup and cinnamon, this decadent take on your regular granola bowl, is here to fuel your summer plans. 

Homemade Porridge Granola Recipe

For the oat clusters: 

  • 1 x Pouch The Great British Porridge Co High Protein Low Sugar Porridge 
  • 40g Chopped Walnuts 
  • 25g Coconut flakes 
  • 2tsp Cinnamon 
  • 3tbsp Melted coconut oil 
  • 4tbsp Maple syrup 
  • 3tbsp Peanut butter 

For the toppings: 

  • Coco’s Organic Yogurt 
  • Fresh berries 
  • Dark chocolate 

Homemade Porridge Granola topped with yoghurt and berries


  • Start by preheating your oven to 180 and lining a baking tray with some non-stick baking paper. 
  • In a large mixing bowl, add the oats, walnuts, coconut flakes, and cinnamon and mix well. Once the dry ingredients have been mixed, add in the wet ingredients and give it another good stir. 
  • Once a granola-type consistency has formed, transfer it onto the baking tray, press down, then pop it in the oven for around 15 minutes or until nice and golden. Once cooked, remove from the oven and use a spoon to gently break up the granola, then leave to cool. 
  • Once cooled, transfer into an airtight container, until you’re ready to use.  
  • Enjoy topped with yogurt, fresh berries, and a couple of squares of plant-based chocolate for an extra treat!
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