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High Protein Low Sugar Porridge Bowl

High Protein Low Sugar Porridge Bowl

The wait is finally over! Our long-awaited High Protein Low Sugar Porridge is now available to purchase from our website!

The newest addition to The Great British Porridge Co family has been a long time in the making, carefully created by the Grain Surgeon herself, Jacqueline. Leading a plant-based lifestyle herself, Jacqueline understands the struggle of getting enough protein into a vegan diet and saw a gap in the market to help this. 

Our High Protein Low Sugar recipe has less than 5% natural sugars and boasts an impressive 20% of protein per serving, making it easier than ever to get a big chunk of your protein in, early on in the day. 

So… How do you make the perfect bowl of our new High Protein Low Sugar porridge? All it takes is 30 seconds and some hot water, yes it really is that easy! 

What you’ll need: 

  • 50g The Great British Porridge Co High Protein Low Sugar Porridge 
  • Roughly 80ml boiled water or Almond milk (recommended)
  • Protein Balls (You're choice of flavour - we love vegan Peanut butter)
  • Sweet Freedom Chocolate Sauce
  • Mix of almonds, hazelnuts and cashews on top 


  1. Start by giving the bag a gentle shake! Pour 50g into your bowl of choice (we recommend our branded bowls!)
  2. Pour your boiled water (or hot almond milk) over the oats. Tip: Only pour enough to cover the oats. If you like a runnier consistency, add more, if you like it slightly thicker add a little less. 
  3. Stir thoroughly for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds (both you and the porridge!)
  4. Top with a the mix of protein balls and nuts then drizzle in chocolate sauce
  5. Sit back and enjoy! 

The protein quantity in our new flavour is all thanks to the delicious nuts we’ve added. Both Hazelnuts and Almonds help not only with the protein quantity but with the flavour also. 

Although our High Protein Low Sugar porridge can be conveniently made in under 60 seconds with just water, we’re also encouraging you to experiment with plant-based milks too! Here are a few to consider… 

Almond Milk - Almond milk will help to give a slightly sweet, nutty flavour without being overpowering. 

Hazelnut Milk - Hazelnut milk has a slightly stronger nutty flavour, so particularly enjoyable for us that like a little extra nutty-ness in our breakfasts. 

Coconut Milk - If you’re looking for a slightly more tropical nutty flavour, coconut milk is the one to reach for. Subtly nutty, perfectly sweet, and excellently creamy! 

Click here to shop our NEW High Protein Low Sugar Porridge! 

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