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Better Inside & Out!

Better Inside & Out!

UPDATE 1/12/2023: Good news, our porridge is now gluten free again! Please click to read this link for further details on current allergen details:


Allergen Update

Our new oat suppliers, whilst offering exactly the same oaty goodness as before, cannot guarantee there is zero 'cross-contamination', with grains from neighbouring fields.

Please be aware that as a result, our porridge is no longer certified as being 100% gluten-free and no longer suitable for coeliacs

We know our existing coeliac customers will find this announcement to be a great disappointment. We’d like to take the opportunity to expand on our reasons for the change. It was a decision necessitated by recent supply chain issues and was not something we undertook lightly. We faced the choice of continuing in the porridge business with a new supplier, or not continuing as a porridge provider. Reluctantly, we took the only course of action available to us.

To any coeliac readers of the above announcement, we’d also like to say that we understand that you want porridge not explanations, but do know we’re proud to have been a breakfast choice for you over recent years and we hope that at some point, when supply issues are resolved, we can reconnect.


Better for you

Oats are naturally gluten free, so if you are trying to reduce your gluten intake, we’re delighted to confirm that The Great British Porridge Company still makes your perfect breakfast choice.

 We never rest on our laurels at The Great British Porridge Company, not even on our bushels.

We're still packing our all-natural porridges with only good things - like fruit, seeds and British oats – but now we've managed to create even tastier porridge, whilst simultaneously further reducing the saturated fat and natural sugar content. Clever eh!

A bowl of our no added-sugar, all-natural porridge ensures our customers enjoy all the benefits that this healthiest of grains provides. They are a high-fibre, wholegrain source of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and they're naturally gluten-free.

Oats are also the perfect breakfast option, as they provide slow-release energy which, when combined with the soluble fibre they contain, helps you feel energised and satisfied for longer, as well as contributing to a healthy gut! Plus, with our inclusion of fruit and seeds, we offer a few extra benefits too!

Better for the environment 

After seven material attempts, and 2 years in the making, we are delighted to announce that our porridge pouches will now be 100% recyclable! 

From this week, you’ll start to see our new, fully 100% fully recyclable pouches in retail store outlets including Sainsburys & Waitrose.

You can now recycle our bags the same way that you recycle carrier bags in the U.K, at the front of stores and at high street supermarkets. Our 60g on-the-go porridge pots are also widely recyclable across the UK, and both the sleeve and the aluminium pot lid are made from recycled material.

In our commitment to sustainability, we are continuing to work through our old packaging, which will continue to be used for web orders for the foreseeable future.

You may receive a combination of both old and new bags during this time as we transition to our new packaging, so please bear with us.

As you can see, we really have been busy behind the scenes! Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for more exciting announcements, including our *3* new flavours... 🤫

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