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Allergen Update - We're Now GLUTEN FREE!

Allergen Update - We're Now GLUTEN FREE!

If you’ve been around for a while, you may remember that back in 2021, due to post-COVID supply chain issues, we had to make the tough decision to stop using gluten-free oats. This decision was not made lightly and at the time we hoped it wouldn’t be permanent. 

2 years later and lots of hard work, we’re delighted to announce that our mouthwatering porridge is back to being GLUTEN-FREE - just in time for porridge season. Although we are over the moon with this announcement, we have a few less exciting, but just as important disclaimers. 

We understand that you may have some questions, therefore we have tried to answer some of the ones we expect to be most common. However, if you have any additional queries, please drop an email to our customer service team who will be more than happy to help! You can reach them at

The Great British Porridge Co Allergen Update

Why have you made the change? 

When we initially had to make the tough decision to change over to non-gluten-free oats in 2021, it was important for us to work as hard as we could to ensure that this wasn’t a permanent change. With the ingredients market finally starting to stabilise at the start of this year, we began to see a glimmer of hope that gluten-free oats may be on the horizon once more. 

We want to ensure that our breakfasts are suitable for everyone and that includes those with coeliac disease and gluten-intolerant individuals. Therefore we’re delighted to be reverting back to our gluten-free oats and making our breakfasts accessible to the wider community once again. 

How do I know that my bag is gluten-free? 

With this being a new change, there will still be some of our products in circulation that have been made with conventional, non-gluten-free oats. 

To avoid confusion and make the changeover as clear as possible, all pouches made with gluten-free oats will have a gluten-free sticker in the bottom right corner of the bag - just like in the picture above. 

If your porridge pouch does not have a gluten-free sticker in the bottom right corner, then it will not be gluten-free. 

Is it safe for coeliacs?

We’re delighted to say that our mixes will now be suitable for coeliacs again. However if you do have an allergy to gluten, we’d like to advise you to take extra caution when checking to see if your bag has the correct sticker in the corner to ensure you have a gluten-free certified batch.

Will the packaging remain the same? 

One thing that we are big on here at The Great British Porridge Co (apart from tasty breakfasts!) is trying to do our bit for the environment. 

When it comes to printing packaging, it’s often done in large quantities. Instead of sending these to landfill, we’ve made the decision to work through the packaging which you’re all familiar with, but each bag will have a sticker on it with the updated allergen information, to help reduce waste.

Will it still taste the same?

And arguably the most important question of them all… 

Of course, it will still taste the same! The remaining natural ingredients found in our mixes that are responsible for the flavour like the fruits, nuts, and seeds will all remain the same. The only thing that we have changed is the oats. 

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