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Fancy a date? The kind that won't let you down?

Fancy a date? The kind that won't let you down?

Team natural? Us too. That’s exactly why we never add refined sugar to our oats - instead, all our tasty breakfasts are naturally sweetened with juicy, nutritious dates. 

Like with any nutritional topic, sugar can be a tricky one to get your head around. It goes without saying, there is absolutely a place for sugar in our diets, but it’s important to distinguish between natural sugars and added sugars as they both have dramatically different effects on the body.

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Juicy Dates & All Things Great 

So what actually are dates? Dates are the fruit that grows from the date palm tree, native to the Middle East. Growing in large clusters, as they begin to ripen, their skin turns brown and wrinkly as more moisture leaves the fruit. There are lots of different variations of the date, but the best known is the Medjool date, which is richer and sticker in taste and texture.

When stirred into our porridge mixtures, the sweetness from the dates mingles with the creamy oats and coconut, bringing a natural sweetness to the dish. It gets better too! Not only are they brilliant at sweetening our porridge mixes, but they also have a whole range of different health benefits! 

  • Rich in antioxidants 
  • May support gut health 
  • May support bone health 
  • Act as a refined sugar replacement 
  • High in fibre 

Shop our naturally sweet porridge range now! 

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