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We're in Waitrose!!

We're in Waitrose!!

When you first start a food company you have dreams. Dreams of one day being sold in Waitrose, to be on their shelves. When it actually happens it still feels like a dream. I am absolutely beyond delighted to say that you can now buy our 100% natural porridge in selected Waitrose stores.

Companies like Waitrose are now recognising that their customers are looking for premium products, which we certainly are. We don't skimp, in fact we spend more on our ingredients to ensure the best taste and nutritional content possible. More and more people are for a variety of reasons becoming dairy free so we have chosen to sweeten our porridge with creamy coconut milk which also makes it suitable for vegans. Sugar is a big thing so we sweeten our porridge with lovely dates to give it a wonderful caramel sweetness plus they are full of fibre and we all need plenty of that in our diet to keep our guts healthy.

The Great British Porridge Co is now available at the following Waitrose stores and online to on their website

See store locations here.

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