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Easter Egg Overnight Oats

Easter Egg Overnight Oats

Find us a tastier way to kickstart the Easter celebrations… 

The sweetest day is deserving of a breakfast just as decadent, and these Easter Egg Oats do just the job. This mouthwatering brekkie combines the rich, velvety taste of our best-selling Classic Chocolate Porridge, with the seasonal charm of Easter eggs, creating a breakfast treat that’s as enjoyable to make as it is to eat!

Whether you’re planning on celebrating with loved ones this year, or just looking for a luxurious breakfast for one, we’ve got you covered!

40g Classic Chocolate Oats 
80ml Almond Milk 
1 x Easter egg 
White Chocolate 
Fresh fruit


  • Begin by adding your oats and almond milk into a bowl and mixing well. Once combined leave to one side for about 30 minutes to allow for it to thicken up. 
  • Once thick and creamy, add into your Easter egg, top with melted white chocolate and fresh fruit and enjoy! 
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