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Lemon Drizzle High Protein Overnight Oats

Lovely Lemon Drizzle Overnight Oats

When life gives you lemons…you make lemon drizzle-inspired overnight oats! 

We’re clutching onto the last of the summer heat and couldn’t not share this delightful refreshing brekkie with you all.

Made using our brand NEW High Protein Low Sugar Porridge, this healthy overnight oats recipe is a creamy, refreshing breakfast option, full of zesty lemons and packed with protein and fibre.

This tasty breakfast is still as filling as our other overnight oats recipes, but they may seem lighter on the stomach thanks to the citrus found in the lemons. Bold in flavour too, this might just be what you need to put a zing in your step this morning.

Feeling fruity? Let’s go… 

Lemon Drizzle Overnight Oats

What you’ll need


We love overnight oats here as they’re quick and simple to whizz up and the perfect grab-and-go breakfast. 

Simply add all of the ingredients into your jar of choice (apart from the blueberries and Protein Balls) and mix well.

Once well combined, leave in the fridge overnight. When you’re ready for breakfast in the morning, top with a few fresh blueberries and a couple of Lemon & Pistachio Protein Balls.


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