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100% Natural, instantly delicious porridge

Bye to boring breakfasts

If you're looking for wholesome, healthy porridge, you're in the right place!

We only use the best natural ingredients in our porridge mixes, carefully chosen for their nutritional value & taste. All of our porridge mixes are naturally sweetened with dates, and unlike other brands, we pack our mixes with up to 40% of fruits, seeds & nuts.

👉🏻 Our all natural, gluten free & high in fibre mixes are plant-based and good for your gut

👉🏻 Available in 7 different flavours, bundle up and save or pick your favourite

👉🏻 Just add hot water, (or your choice of milk) stir for 30 seconds then leave to stand for 30 seconds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about our oats? We've collected our most frequently asked questions below for you.

Is your porridge gluten free?

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Yes! We want to ensure that our breakfasts are suitable for everyone and that includes those with coeliac disease and gluten-intolerant individuals. Bags have been stickered to show they don't contain gluten. For more information, please check our blog.

How long does it take for your porridge to be ready?

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Haveyou got a minute? That's all it takes to make a bowl of greatness!

We grind our oats in-house meaning that as soon as the water or plant milk is added, the oats start to 'cook'; so no waiting around for breakfast, just stir and you're good to go! The beauty of our porridge mixes is that they can be quickly whipped up with the addition of hot water; ideal for
when you're short on time. However, they also taste great with heated milk or a plant based alternative. With so many plant milk variations to pick from, we recommend experimenting with different flavours to find what floats your oats!

Can I make overnight oats with your porridge?

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You certainly can! There's nothing better than waking up knowing you have breakfast ready and waiting for you in the fridge. Simply add your choice of milk or plant-based alternative to your oats, leave to soak overnight, then grab and go the following morning.

When our oats are left to soak overnight, their digestibility increases, which in turn unlocks a realm of health benefits, such as increasing alertness and keeping you feel energised for longer.

If you need some overnight oat inspo, head on over to our blog where you'll be able to find an abundance of recipe inspiration.

How does the subscription model work?

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Our subscribe and save model will help take the stress out of breakfast time! Pick your flavours and frequency and we'll do the rest of the work for you. You can subscribe to all of our products excluding our custom bundles. By subscribing you will also save 10%. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.


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