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3 Surprising Benefits of a Vegan Breakfast

3 Surprising Benefits of a Vegan Breakfast

Are you one of the 600,000 people planning on taking part in Veganuary this year? With the number of people moving towards a plant-based lifestyle rapidly increasing, it’s become impossible to ignore the benefits of this green way of living; both for individuals and the environment. And as the variety of food on offer grows alongside it, including breakfast options, it’s easy to see why more people are making the leap. 
Gone are the days of bland and uninspiring vegan breakfasts that just tick a box. Our breakfasts are here to prove that plant-based eating can be bursting with flavour, shaking up everything you thought you knew about the vegan diet. 
Here are 3 surprising benefits of starting your day with a plant-based breakfast!
3 Surprising Benefits of Vegan Breakfasts
Boost Of Energy 
Ever enjoyed a seemingly filling breakfast, only to find yourself grazing through the snack draw before 10am? If this is a familiar feeling, the chances are you’ve started your day with the wrong sort of breakfast. 
When we wake up, it’s important that we break our fast with unrefined, wholesome ingredients to help sustain our energy throughout the day. When we reach for sugar-loaded alternatives, it’s not uncommon to experience sugar-related energy crashes, which explains why you find yourself reaching for treats come 10am. 
Plant-based breakfasts are known for having much more fibre, which helps keep us feeling fuller for longer. This slow-release energy is crucial for sustaining productivity throughout the morning, keeping us from feeling lethargic and dazed.  
Great For The Gut 
We all know how great porridge is for the gut, but on a wider level, plant-based diets are also known for improving digestion and keeping things regular. 
Starting your day with a high-fiber, vegan breakfast will feed the good bacteria in your gut allowing them to flourish and do their job of fighting of disease and infection. Vegan breakfasts tend to be full of vitamins and minerals all of which play a big role in setting your body up for the day ahead and keeping your immune system up to scratch.
Supports Skin Health 
If you’re someone who suffers from skin issues and breakouts, more often than not, dairy is often the culprit. With many breakfasts known for being completed with milk, starting your day with a plant-based alternative may help clear up your skin and give you that glowing complexion you’ve always wanted! Aside from dairy, the added vitamins and minerals found in plant-based breakfasts can support skin health too. 
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