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Introducing Oatrageously Original

Introducing Oatrageously Original

A great start to the New Year starts with a great breakfast!
The Great British Porridge Co Original Porridge Mix
We’re delighted to unveil our latest project, Oatrageously Original. After receiving an overwhelming demand from breakfast lovers across the nation for a porridge they could put their own stamp on, our latest recipe for greatness allows them to do just this. The tasty addition to our growing range of 100% natural, instant, vegan porridge mixes focuses on the true beauty and versatility of the humble oat. 
Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest, and our new mix champions just this. Using only a handful of the finest natural ingredients, we want oat lovers everywhere to share whatever floats their oats. We’ve passed the flavour reigns over to you to get creative with the flavour profile or just enjoy the great original taste of wholesome British oats, gently stirred in with smooth coconut and juicy dates delivering a subtle sweetness in every spoonful. Plant-based friendly, high in fibre, and sweetener free, our most versatile mix yet will help keep you feeling fuller for longer, avoiding those morning energy crashes, frequently associated with sugar-loaded breakfasts. 
Gone are the days of rushing out the door with no breakfast, all of our porridges are ready in under one minute - and our Oatrageously Original is no exception. From bag to bowl in 60 seconds, you’ll never have an excuse to miss breakfast again. All you need to provide is the hot water and some delicate spooning action and you’ll be well on your way to a great day. 
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