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Benefits of Oats for Winter Wellness

Benefits of Oats for Winter Wellness

Oats are considered to be one of the healthiest breakfast foods; their nutritionally packed profile is full of important macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, helping to keep you feeling your best self this winter.

This well-balanced superfood, not only tastes great but does a whole lot of great for your insides as well! Here are just a few reasons why oats should be part of your winter morning routine this year…

Benefits of Oats For Winter Wellness

Help Fight Winter Lurgies 

As we still all very much feel the effects of the pandemic, our health is becoming more and more of a priority, and rightly so. Adjusting to this new way of living means that we need to be making small sustainable changes that will benefit our health in the long run. 

The easiest way to look after our well-being is to ensure we’re eating a balanced diet, filled with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, needed to fight off those common colds before they set in. 

Easy on the stomach, if you’re feeling a little under the weather oats are an excellent hearty breakfast to start the day with. Feeding your body with a whole load of nutrients needed to fight off the cold and get you back to feeling your best self.

Contain Important Vitamins and Minerals 

From magnesium to zinc and copper to Vit B oats are home to a whole range of important vitamins and minerals. During the winter, our bodies are often under more stress than normal, which is what makes us more susceptible to colds and flus. 

Making it a priority to get in the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals can help maintain a healthy immune system, helping to avoid any seasonal deficiencies. 

A Source of Protein 

Protein-rich foods are essential for keeping your health in check this winter. Although many of us have been led to believe that protein is just for gym bunnies and athletes, it’s just as important for you and I! 

Not only does protein help to repair muscles and joints after exercise, but it also helps to maintain a healthy immune system. As our bodies crave stodgier foods in winter, reaching for protein-packed alternatives will help you to feel less bloated and will sustain your energy for longer.

High in Fibre

Getting your fair share of fibre in winter is crucial for a number of reasons, from avoiding digestive upset, to helping to regulate your blood sugar levels and even curbing those winter blues. 

But not only this, fibre is excellent for helping to curb those morning cravings for sweet treats. As the weather drops, our appetites pick up as our bodies are working harder to keep us warm and as a result, we burn more energy, making us hungrier. But instead of turning to comfort foods, full of additives and sweeteners, start your day with a fiber-rich breakfast, like porridge. Porridge will provide you with sustained slow-release energy, making you less likely to snack on foods that aren’t so good for you. 


And finally, we know how hard it can be to wake up in the morning when that extra 5 minutes tucked up on your blanket burrito just seems SO appealing. Not to mention, when it’s cold and dark outside, it gets that little bit harder. Porridge is a great winter warmer and the perfect way to start your mornings, helping to make getting out of bed that little bit easier. 

Keep on top of your health this winter with out delicious and nutritious porridge mixes, ready in just 60 seconds! 


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