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3 Healthy and Comforting Winter Breakfast Ideas

3 Healthy and Comforting Winter Breakfast Ideas

When it’s cold and dark in the mornings, nothing seems more appealing than pressing snooze and spending an extra 10 minutes in bed wrapped up in your blanket burrito. We get it, we’re a bunch of cereal snoozers too, but luckily our breakfasts make getting out of bed that little bit easier. 
As we seek out little pockets of joy that make the colder months more bearable, we’ve picked out our top three comforting winter breakfast recipes that will crush those winter blues before they even start.
Wholesome, warming, and full of goodness, these healthy breakfast ideas will keep you going until lunchtime! Remember to share your recreations with us using the tag #whateverfloatsyouroats 
Pumpkin Spice Baked Oats 
As the saying goes, pumpkins are for life, not just for Halloween… 
Last year we all fell in love with baked oats (thanks TikTok), and for good reason. So as we head into the colder months, we’ve made a seasonal version of the fan favourite, ideal for the winter season and absolutely delicious. 
We’ve kept the ingredients as simple as possible, meaning you can whip up this winter warmer with ingredients found in your home pantry! 
Click HERE for the full recipe.
Pumpkin Spice Baked Oats
Stuffed Baked Apples
Looking to add some crunch to breakfast time? Try these Stuffed Baked Apples next time it’s your turn to make brekkie. 
Complete with our limited edition Apple & Cinnamon Porridge, these OATragously tasty breakfasts are great if you have a little extra time in the morning!
Click HERE for the full recipe! 
Apple & Cinnamon Stuffed Baked Apples
Winter Spice Flapjacks 
Who knew the humble oat could be so versatile and so delicious? 
Soft, chewy, and golden brown, these flapjacks are the spiced winter sweet treat we just can’t get enough of. Made with only a handful of ingredients from the pantry, they can be whipped up quickly on a Sunday evening ready for the week ahead! 
Click HERE for the full recipe.

Winter Spice Flapjacks
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